Swale Consulting Inc.


Welcome to SWALE, the Sierra Watershed and Land Enterprise. At SWALE Inc. we collaborate with our clients to produce sustainable plans, programs, and projects that incorporate scientific principles and processes into decision-making. SWALE Inc. is a small, woman-owned consulting company offering professional expertise in ecological sciences and strategic planning.

Who we are

SWALE Inc.'s founder is Kateri Harrison, a member of the American Institute of Professional Planners (AICP) with 20 years of experience as a land-use planner and natural resource manager. Through her previous work as an employee of several county planning departments, state agencies, consulting firms, and non-profits along with a multidisciplinary team of professional scientists, engineers, planners, and GIS experts, Ms. Harrison has gained significant experience serving project proponents, government decision-makers, and the general public. Ms. Harrison's educational background is equally important to her and she follows a life-long learning program by completing a variety of continuing education courses and by sharing the information she has learned with others. Most notably, Ms. Harrison completed her graduate studies at San Francisco State University with a M.A. degree in Ecology and Systematic Biology in 2003. Her thesis "Effects of Land Use and Dams on Stream Food Web Ecology in Santa Clara Valley, California" provided her with an opportunity to apply theories from community ecology to a practical case study in the Santa Clara Valley. Her undergraduate Senior Manuscript was entitled "History of Southern California Wetlands". She earned a B.A. from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1986. Ms. Harrison has an extensive educational background in limnology (streams and wetlands), community ecology, food-web ecology, botany, data analysis, and land use law. Volunteering is the primary method Kateri uses to share her planning experience with others. Kateri currently volunteers as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Grass Valley and as the Foothills Director for the Sacramento Valley Section of the American Planning Association. Click here to see Ms. Harrison's resume.

SWALE Sustainability

SWALE Inc. practices sustainability by using recycled paper, consciously reducing driving by taking alternative transportation when possible, promoting the use of alternative energy, and by being efficient with resources and time.  We hope that the plans, programs, and projects that we participate in help communities to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.